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Medical and Counseling

Response to the Opioid Addiction Crisis

Catholic Charities works with parishes to address the opioid crisis throughout the 21 counties and seven cities within the Diocese of Arlington. See this resource, including treatment and counseling options, for families and individuals grappling with addiction.

Opioids Parish Resource Committees

Prayer, Training and Networking:

Bishop Michael Burbidge has asked Catholic Charities to lead the diocesan response to the opioid crisis. 

Watch our Opioids Conference: See the playlist.

Are you or a loved one suffering from opioids addiction? See our resource page, for available services, compiled following a needs assessment of support services available throughout the Diocese.

 Addictions Resource Page   


Catholic Charities staff from Family Services mental health counseling, Christ House Men’s Transitional Housing, St. Margaret of Cortona Family Transitional Housing, Pregnancy and Adoption Support and Family Reunification programs have received training in dealing with opioid and other addictions from field experts who covered assessment, symptoms, and treatment of opioid addiction.  

Typically, we provide teletherapy counseling services as well as limited in person counseling services at 4 parishes throughout the Diocese and 2 major Catholic Charities locations in Fredericksburg and Fairfax. Our clinicians refer patients to inpatient and detox services or provide critical clinical support to family members dealing with addiction. For more information about counseling see here.

Our clinical staff is also available to parishes and the community for general information sessions, talks and responses to frequently asked questions.

For more information please contact Dr. Michael Horne at

Parish Support

Catholic Charities is helping parishes organize parish resource committees with parishioners who are appointed by their pastors and are passionate social workers, addiction specialists, medical professionals, parents and others. These committees will assist both the community and parishioners whose families are struggling with this issue.  Committee members will be on the front line offering help, accompaniment, prayers and resources.

The Calix Society

The Calix Society is a Catholic organization for alcoholics, addicts and their families and loved ones who are maintaining their sobriety through 12-step recovery programs.  It is not run by Catholic Charities but is a Catholic Charities partner and operates within the Diocese of Arlington. Calix members gather to promote the spiritual development of members.  Conversations aim to be a source of inspiration and encouragement towards spiritual maturity in sobriety. Learn more about the Calix Society here. Find a Calix Society meeting near you, here.

Stories of addiction and the Church's response

Listen and watch stories about addiction and how the Church is responding in this USCCB podcast featuring Bishop Burbidge, two young men struggling with addiction, and a mom who began a support program for families struggling with addiction.  



Lessons learned from the opioid crisis

Lessons learned from the opioid crisis