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Letter to the Faithful from Bishop Burbidge for World Day of the Poor 2018 (English and Spanish)

Read Bishop Burbidge's letter to the faithful for World Day of the Poor 2018 and find out how you can help Catholic Charities serve the poor in our Diocese.

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Arlington Catholic Herald

A birth mother’s love

November 28, 2018
Meaghan Lane, diocesan Catholic Charities pregnancy and adoption support program manager, empowers women experiencing crisis pregnancies to choose what is best for them and their baby. Often, a change in mindset and terminology helps. “Giving something up means taking all the power away. Plus, babies are not property to be ‘given or kept,’ ” she said. “We always encourage people to say ‘make an adoption plan.’ Making a plan for your baby is proactive.”


Having Catholic Charities really look out for me has given me hope that no matter what the circumstances, there is always an answer if you’re willing to look for it.