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Medical and Counseling

Response to the Opioid Addiction Crisis

Learn how Catholic Charities is working closely with parishes to address the opioid crisis throughout the 21 counties and seven cities within the Diocese of Arlington.

Responding to the Opioid Crisis

At the urging of Bishop Michael Burbidge, Catholic Charities took the lead on a diocesan response to the opioid crisis. We began with a summer 2018 workshop for members of our Parish Liaison Network. We co-hosted with Bishop Burbidge an all-day diocesan-wide conference, including an addiction expert and our director of clinical services, at Good Shepherd Catholic Church on Sept. 29, 2018, the Feast of the Archangels.

Our effort will work with parishes to provide a spiritual and supportive response to individuals and families struggling with opioids addiction, as well as spreading awareness about the crisis.

Following discussion with pastors, we are conducting a Needs Assessment of support services that are available throughout the Diocese. We will also determine where there are gaps in services.

We will share this information so pastors, families, schools, parishes and communities will be better equipped to help those affected by addiction in their regions.

Here is some of the information we are gathering:

  • Outpatient counselors who can address this issue (Catholic Charities has 16 clinicians services providing in our parishes.)
  • Inpatient units or hospitals in our region that address opioid issues
  • Inpatient units in the general area that might be of help
  • Reputable pain management groups
  • Narcotics Anonymous and other addict support groups, including meeting locations and times
  • Peer support groups for families and loved ones
  • School programs
  • Community Resources

Other recommended services 

If you are interested in joining one of Catholic Charities' regional response groups, please contact Dr. Michael Horne at for more information.

To see videos from this year's conference, please watch this playlist