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Our Core Values

Serving the Poor, Lonely and Vulnerable

We feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, heal the sick, welcome the newcomer, care for the elderly and visit the imprisoned, as Jesus tells us to do in the Gospel. We serve all people in need, regardless of their faith.

Everyone Matters: Our Response to Those Living on the Margins

Catholic Charities serves those in our communities who live on the margins and experience material and spiritual poverty. Through more than 20 programs, we bring Christ's love to those in need. We serve the hungry through our St. Lucy Food Project and the elderly at our St. Martin de Porres Senior Center. We also provide housing and job skills, welcome newcomers to the U.S., and visit those in prison.

Our family services program provides individual and family counseling. As the Church responds to the sexual abuse crisis, we also work with the Diocesan Victim's Assistance Program to prioritize assistance to any person or family who has been victimized, regardless of where the abuse occurred.