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Navigating Northern Virginia without a vehicle can keep people from accessing jobs and the opportunity to move out of poverty. A car can transform lives by helping people support their families, reducing their reliance on subsidies and aiding them in becoming more financially secure. Donated cars are given directly to those in need. We also accept non-working cars which support this ministry.

Update on Catholic Charities Cars for Family Ministry Due to the Pandemic

Catholic Charities Cars for Families program raises much needed funds to support essential Catholic Charities programs that serve poor and vulnerable neighbors. During the pandemic, we continue to accept working and non-working cars from any location in the diocese. Proceeds from the sale of these vehicles are used in much-needed services such as the emergency assistance program, which prevents families from sliding into homelessness. 

A second long-standing component of our car ministry provides free, working vehicles to low-income families. However, this component is suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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Benefits of Donating Your Car

  • It’s easy! Our goal is to make donating your car as easy as possible. We will help you through the process and handle all of the paperwork, including title transfer.
  • It’s free! You will have NO costs for donating your car.
  • Great tax deduction! We are a qualifying 501(c)(3) agency. You will receive an IRS donation receipt for the value of your car.
  • It will simplify your life! Avoid the hassles of having to sell your car. No want ads, craiglistings, or car dealers to contend with. Who knows what you can do with all of that extra space in your garage!
  • Non-working cars provide financial support to all the assistance programs of Catholic Charities.          

Car Ministry Contact Information and Questions:

Email or call (844) 527-2232.  


Episode 29 - How this Ministry takes our Unwanted Cars to Help Families

January 21, 2019

Many of us don’t need a car to get us to where we’re going, but if you’re a parent with more than two kids, having a car is a necessity! Hear how one car ministry is giving away cars to families... and how you can donate your own car – even if it doesn’t work – to benefit families in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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My car is in good shape, can I donate it?

To Donate your car please use the  “To Donate Click Here”  button above and then fill out the form that pops up.
If you have questions email us at or call (844) 527-2232.

Will I be able to get a tax deduction?

If you donate a working car you can receive a deduction of the full value of the vehicle as if it were sold to a private party.

What if my car cannot be given to a family in need?

If you believe that your vehicle cannot be given to a family in need due to age or condition of the vehicle, please call (844) 527-2232. Your car will be picked-up and towed from wherever you are.

The car will be towed away and sold with the proceeds coming to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington for use in all of our programs. The donors will receive a tax form allowing them to deduct the full value received for the vehicle as a donation to Catholic Charities

Will I know to whom my car goes?

Once your car has been given to a family in need, you will receive a donor thank you describing in brief who the car was given to.

Who qualifies to receive a donated car?

The recipient is working but does not have reliable transportation, has at least one dependent child, a Virginia’s driver’s license and has a good driving record. 

What Should I do if I need a car?

Potential recipients should contact us by email at or by phone at (703) 841-3898 to request an application.  When you contact us please provide your full name, address, phone number, email address if you have one and the reasons you need a car.

We will contact you and send you an application if you meet our basic criteria to receive a car.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! If you are interested in volunteering with our car ministry program, please sign up here.