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Dan and Miatta

Dan and Miatta have an important message for you.

Our Message to You

We have been married for 10 beautiful years! Dan spent most of his childhood overseas because his father was in the US Air Force. Miatta is a first-generation American and went to Catholic schools in Philadelphia and Northern Virginia from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Our extended family is international and large; Dan has 7 aunts and uncles, and Miatta has 16. Dan has family in Spain, Andorra, and Ecuador. Miatta has family in Canada, England and Sierra Leone. We met in college and fell in love at first sight.  Over the course of our relationship, we have spoken about our desire to adopt many times. While we don’t have children of our own, we are super excited about the opportunity to welcome a baby to our large diverse family. 

As a family, we spend a lot of time outdoors and traveling. Together we’ve visited over 10 national parks and many countries including Chile, Japan, Korea, Germany, Tanzania, and Holland. We enjoy going to the gym, playing soccer, and running. We also take career and education very seriously. Miatta recently received a Master of Science in Business Management. She works as a consultant with the US Government with clients in the legislative and judicial branches and consults on initiatives from the White House. Dan has a Master of Public Administration and was recently promoted to Deputy Division Chief. 

If you were to choose us to raise your child, we promise to provide for him/her to the best of our abilities and to ensure all opportunities are available to your child.  We feel a loving supportive family is important for any child to realize their dreams. We want them to be a part of our wonderful family and to share our adventures and life lessons.  We want to guide and share with a child the opportunity to go to college and reach their potential.  Education opens many doors and gives so many options, and we want any child we raise to be a good citizen and to do well for themselves and their own families in the future. We have been blessed in life, and we want to pass those blessings on to your own precious child if you choose adoption and decided to place with us.