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Savannah Richards, MSW

Pregnancy and Adoption Social Worker


Hi there! I am so excited to be a part of this team as their new Pregnancy and Adoption Social Worker. Before joining Catholic Charities, I completed my bachelor’s in social work at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and then finished my Master's in Social Work online through Western New Mexico University. After graduating, I worked as a Social Worker at a pregnancy medical center in Falls Church, Virginia helping women navigate their unplanned pregnancies.
Foster care and adoption have always had a special place in my heart since I was little. I am passionate about providing support and a listening ear to these women in such a difficult and vulnerable time, and I feel honored and excited to be a part of an important mission like this!

Friends and coworkers would describe me as: empathetic, dependable, engaged.

Loves: my faith, rainy days, the beach, tattoos, my cat Pickles 

Dislikes: mornings, being late, Virginia humidity 

Please reach out by phone or e-mail - I’d love to learn more about you and support you on your next steps!

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