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Navigating Northern Virginia without a vehicle can keep people from accessing jobs and the opportunity to move out of poverty. A car can transform lives by helping people support their families, reducing their reliance on subsidies and aiding them in becoming more financially secure. Donated cars are given directly to those in need. We also accept non-working cars which support this ministry.

Donate Your Vehicle

Want to donate your car? Email or call 703-841-3898.
Is your car no longer operational?  Call 844-527-2232


Commuting. Appointments. School. Life today is a blur of schedules and activities. It’s hard enough to do when we can jump into our cars and head out on our own schedule.

Imagine having to factor in public transportation and transit time on top of it all because you can’t afford to buy a car. Prioritizing becomes a challenge and in many cases, choices come down to taking care of only the most basic needs.

Many low-income residents in the Northern Virginia area are forced to deal with this nightmare on a daily basis.

Catholic Charities Car Ministry or Cars for Families helps connect low-income families obtain vehicles. The Car Ministry was founded over two decades ago by Father John O’Hara and longtime Catholic Charities employee Harry Burke.

The program accepts working cars, which it titles to qualified recipients. This is a unique aspect of the Catholic Charities program. Non-operational cars are also accepted and proceeds go to volunteer ministries.

Benefits of Donating Your Car

  • Help a family in need! Know that your car will directly go to a worthy family and help improve the quality of their life.
  • It’s easy! Our goal is to make donating your car as easy as possible. We will help you through the process and handle all of the paperwork, including title transfer.
  • It’s free! You will have NO costs for donating your car.
  • Great tax deduction! We are a qualifying 501(c)(3) agency. You will receive an IRS donation receipt for the value for your car.
  • It will simplify your life! Avoid the hassles of having to sell your car. No want ads, craiglistings, or car dealers to contend with. Who knows what you can do with all of that extra space in your garage!
  • Non-working cars provide financial support as well to volunteer ministry


Car Donation Form

Please send an email to with the subject line "Car Donation Form - Submission" and a full copy of all the fields below with your information in them.

EMAIL TEMPLATE (please copy and fill all fields)

Contact Information:

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • City:
  • Email:
  • Daytime Telephone:

Vehicle Information:

  • Vehicle Make:
  • Vehicle Model:
  • Vehicle Year:
  • Vehicle Mileage:
  • Best time to contact:
  • Is the vehicle working or non-working?:


Frequently Asked Questions

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My car is in good shape, can I donate it?

Yes! Cars in good working condition that have passed state safety inspection and do not have major mechanical issues will go directly to a family in need!

Please use our donation form above or call us directly at (703) 841- 3898.

Will I be able to get a tax deduction?

Once you donate your car you will receive a tax donation receipt. If you donate a working car you will receive the full Kelly Blue Book value for your tax receipt.

If you donate a non-working vehicle, you will receive the amount that the car sells for at auction.

What if my car cannot be given to a family in need?

If you believe that your vehicle cannot be given to a family in need due to age or condition of the vehicle, please call (844) 527-2232. Your car will be picked-up and towed from wherever you are.

The proceeds from that donation will help benefit programs of Catholic Charities!

Will I know to whom my car goes?

Once your car has been given to a family in need, you will receive a donor thank you describing in brief who the car was given to.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! If you are interested in volunteering with our car ministry program, please sign up here.

Who qualifies to receive a donated car?

The recipient is working but does not have reliable transportation, has at least one dependent child, a Virginia’s driver’s license, maintains a good driving record, and has proof of car insurance.