Statement from Bishop Michael F. Burbidge in recognition of Poverty Awareness Month

The land will never lack for needy persons; that is why I command you: “Open your hand freely to your poor and to your needy kin in your land.”  (Deuteronomy 15:11)

Each January, we observe Poverty Awareness Month as a way to bring light to those who are in desperate need of fundamental human necessities, often left to suffer in the shadows of society.  

In Virginia alone, more than 10% of our population lives in poverty. These brothers and sisters─ often joined by their children─may even be homeless, living in their cars or on the streets. They are hungry for food, and desperate to keep safe and away from the elements. Through Catholic Charities and the many ministries of our parishes, may we continue to reach out to our vulnerable neighbors. May we help them experience Christ's healing and consolation, especially in their times of struggle and need.  Finally, may each of us consider a new way in which we might support a local charity that serves the poor, ensuring them of our care.