Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington’s participation 
in USCCB Afghani Evacuation Effort

July 30, 2021

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington is providing supportive services as part of a multi-stakeholder operation to help evacuate Afghani nationals. These individuals supported American security operations in Afghanistan, especially as interpreters. Their lives are at risk as government forces lose control of districts throughout Afghanistan.

The Afghanis qualify for Special Immigrant Status and will be arriving for final processing in Fort Lee, VA starting Friday, July 30. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington is one of three Virginia Catholic Charities agencies providing services at the request of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services (USCCB-MRS), which has been involved as one of the NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization) participating in the operation. About 20 Catholic Charities staff will provide interpretation, assistance completing legal documents, and youth programming during the operation. For more information about the operation, contact the USCCB-MRS communications office.