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Hunger and Food Insecurity in our Diocese

Who would imagine that so many people in our diocese suffer from hunger or food insecurity? When I was growing up overseas in what we now call the developing world, poverty was obvious. Sometimes painfully so. Driving into major cities we would pass through entire neighborhoods that had been created by the poor, living in one room shacks built of cardboard and corrugated tin. Children would be in the streets, begging. The blind and the lame would be at the entrances to the bazaar, and the marketplace, and most especially, outside of churches and mosques.

As depressing and distressing as those sights were, at least we could see the poor. We knew that they were there. In our country the poor are much harder for us to see. And perhaps we prefer it that way.

There is a shame that is wrongly associated with being poor in America. A shame that often leads to isolation. Those suffering from poverty become what are now referred to as "the invisible poor.”

It is to these, and anyone in need, that Catholic Charities extends the love and consolation of God in very real and tangible ways. And in doing so, we acknowledge that they exist, and more importantly, that they are loved.

Sometimes we can overcomplicate our faith. Jesus has a way of cutting to the chase. When his disciples were imploring Jesus to dismiss the crowds of hungry people to fend for themselves, he tells them “give them some food yourselves.” (Mark 6:37)

And with your help and support, this is what we do, every day. Because of your generosity we can provide the material help that people need, and we do so with hearts filled with gratitude and compassion. May God’s peace be with you this Easter season, and always. 

Gratefully yours in Christ,

Stephen Carattini
President and CEO
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington

Mission Newsletter, Spring 2022