what birthmothers can expect when making an adoption plan
Considering Adoption

How to put your baby up for adoption

Adoption isn't simply "giving up" your baby. Adoption offers your baby life, hope, and a future where you can know and love your child and be a part of their life if you wish. If you are pregnant and uncertain you are ready or willing to be a parent, or if you need help, feel free to call or text one of our friendly, certified counselors at Catholic Charities Pregnancy and Adoption Support anytime, 24/7 at (703) 973-0129 and learn more about the help that is available to you.

Why Adoption Doesn’t Mean “Giving Up" Your Baby

If you are considering adoption for your baby, you are making a choice about what you believe is best. You choose the family, the type of adoption and the level of openness.

Adoption is never giving up, but you do give. You give life to your child. You give them opportunities that you may not be able to provide. You give them the gift of your love for their whole life. You give an adoptive family the child they have longed for.

You give yourself opportunities to pursue your own goals and dreams that may not be possible if you choose to parent. You give yourself peace in knowing that while abortion may have been an option, you knew that this world is better because your child is in it. In working with our agency, you give yourself opportunities for counseling, for resources, and for transformation and growth, for a lifetime.

An adoptive family gives your baby love, stability and opportunities they may not otherwise have. They give you love and acceptance. They give your child the truth about their adoption- that your sacrifice was made in love. They give you involvement with them and your child.

In adoption, so much is given but you never give up. 

Steps for making an adoption plan

1. Contact us to speak with a pregnancy counselor at any time.

Call or text 703-973-0129

2. Meet with a pregnancy counselor at a time and place convenient for you. 

Your counselor will work with you to:

  1. To discuss your pregnancy options
  2. Assess your needs (housing, employment, legal status, prenatal care, childcare, etc.)
  3. Develop a plan to pursue your options and meet your needs

3. Options Counseling and Making a Plan:

You may not be certain if you want to parent or make an adoption plan and that is very normal.  Part of our job is to help you evaluate your options and choose the path that is best for you. Take some time to learn more about the options available to you, explore resources that can help you, and talk to someone about your situation.  

4. Evaluating Additional Assistance Needed

If you decide that you are leaning towards making an adoption plan, you will have ongoing contact with your pregnancy counselor via in person, text, phone, etc. to be sure you have what you need to be successful and that you have support. 

When considering adoption, we will work with you to determine what supports are needed to help stabilize your current situation.  Clients who are making an adoption plan may be eligible for additional supports to assist in overall stability and to minimize their stress so that they may make a well thought out and informed decision.  This assistance may include: 

  • Housing Assistance
  • Prenatal/Medical Care Coverage
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Support and adoption education for family and friends (optional and as needed)
  • Other supports/referrals/services that are identified as areas of need

5. Making the Adoption Plan:

Your pregnancy counselor will work with you to make your adoption plan which includes picking the adoptive family and deciding the level of openness you would like to have in your adoption.  If you would like to, you will meet the adoptive family as many times as you’d like prior to the birth of the baby. 

You will also decide how much contact you want with them after you place the baby with them.  Openness in adoption ranges and is something your worker can discuss with you in more detail so you can make the adoption plan that works best for you. 

6. Birth of the baby and placement: 

Your worker will help you to make a birth plan and arrangements for your baby’s delivery so that you are prepared when the time comes.  You will decide how much time you’d like to spend with the baby in the hospital, who you would like to come visit you and the baby and when the baby will be placed with the adoptive family.

7. Lifetime of Support:

At Catholic Charities, we recognize that adoption is a lifelong journey, which is why we remain a lifelong resource to our clients. Your pregnancy worker will continue to provide counseling and support after placement, especially during that first year.  You will be invited to attend our monthly birth parent support groups and annual events.  Your worker will help you identify your personal goals and provide assistance and referrals to partner organizations who can help you accomplish your goals. 

Learn about the lifetime of professional assistance and support you get when you choose to work with us