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Trevor and Bev

Trevor and Bev have an important message for you.

Our Message to You

Hello! We are praying that God’s peace and guidance will wash over you during this process, so that you’ll feel confident in whichever decision you make for your precious little one. We want what is best for you and your baby.

We are so excited to continue our adoption journey. We are unable to have biological children, but we were so blessed to adopt our daughter, Chloe, in March 2020! She is the light of our lives and such an amazing little girl. We feel strongly that God is calling us to adopt again, and we are trusting in God’s plan for our family, since we know it is better than anything we could have planned on our own.

We strive to have a home full of love. We will shower your child with all the love we have, while also teaching them how much God loves them and how much their birth parents love them. Bev loves being a full-time Mom, so your baby will never have to be in daycare. We take our responsibility as parents very seriously and will make sure your child will have a strong, holistic education.

We like to have a home-cooked dinner each night where we can share our thoughts and stories from the day. We consider time playing outside, reading books, making music, playing sports, cooking a meal, talking, laughing, praying, or even doing chores to be more valuable—and more fun!—than screen time. (Although we do enjoy relaxing with a good movie or TV show…) We hope to show your child the joys and richness of life by spending fun, quality time with them.

Please know that we are praying for you as you make your decision. We would love to meet you and get to know you in person. We are so grateful that you have courageously chosen life for your baby. If we are blessed to be chosen as the adoptive parents of your baby, know that we will always speak of you with love and respect. We promise to raise your baby in a home full of love and joy.

Trevor and Bev