Adoptive Family Profile

Steve and Katie

Steve and Katie have an important message for you.

We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering the choice of adoption. We met in April 2014; Steve was in the Air Force, and Katie was working for a non-profit in Washington, DC. We quickly bonded over our love of Renaissance festivals, ComicCons, archery, Harry Potter, Star Wars, camping, hiking, and any chance for adventure! Just two years later we were married and buying our townhome. Steve is now getting his degree in Cyber Security, and Katie works for the government as an Intelligence Analyst. While we still look for adventure every day, we also love staying at home and playing with our cat named Kitty and our dog, Harley Quinn. We want you to know that if you place your child with us, your child will be raised with lots of love and adventure. We will teach your child about their ethnic and cultural background, ensuring they feel connected to not only our family but their own culture and the world as a whole. No interest is off limits, and we would love to share all that this world has to offer with your child. Know that if you placed your child with us, your child would be safe, cared for, and given every opportunity to grow into the amazing individual God created them to be. We just hope we get to be the ones to support your child along the way.