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Nick and Ellie

We’re a family that loves spending time together and sharing new experiences. We’re thrilled to adopt and can’t wait to meet you and experience the joys, challenges, and growth that come through adoption! Nick and Ellie initially connected through common interests in engineering and their Christian faith. Brielle, our oldest daughter, is a joyful and endlessly extraverted three-year-old. Kaiya, who is almost two years old, is bold and fearless, constantly trying to keep up with her older sister. We look forward to meeting you and would love to answer any questions you might have about us!

Our Love Story

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We met at Virginia Tech where we were part of the same honors community and discovered that we were studying the same things (Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science). When we were first introduced, Nick jokingly wondered, “Where have you been all my life?” and as it turns out, that was a very appropriate question to ask! After getting to know each other through mutual friends and sharing rides to church on Sundays, we started dating and bonded over making cookies and watching each other’s favorite Disney movies. We soon fell in love and got engaged in a place very special to Ellie: Disney World. We got married one year and one day later!

Ellie loves that Nick is the most dedicated, responsible, and disciplined person she’s ever met. He also has a sense of humor and adventure that makes him extremely fun to be around. He knows how to balance his drive with fun and love, making him a wonderful friend, husband, and parent.

Nick loves that Ellie sees the best in people and shares a deep emotional connection with others in both their highest highs and lowest lows. She’s also powerful, bold, and ambitious. She is a female role model in so many ways and is especially effective at showing how a mother can have a wide range of strengths and do many things well at the same time.

About Us

    Dad   Mom
 Job Software Engineer  Technical Project Manager
Education B.S., Mech. Engineering  B.S., Mech. Engineering
 Children Brielle (3.5 years) and Kaiya (1.5 years)
 Pets Alfred the Corgi
 City, Suburbs or Rural? Suburban townhome
Faith Christian  Christian
 Favorite Food Chocolate Mousse Pie  Cookie Dough
 Random Fact about Me I once memorized all the countries in Africa with a song  I have been a dancer for over 25 years


Our Traditions and Values

Matching Christmas pajamas

Christmas Pajamas - Ellie’s family gets matching Christmas Pajamas every year and we love to participate, even when it’s cheesy!

Disney World vacation with family

Disney Vacations - We enjoy vacationing at Disney World with both sides of our family, sometimes at the same time!

Nick and Ellie wedding photo

Faith - We have an active faith and regularly serve in our church’s youth ministry!

Ellie with children

Flexibility - While we are both highly driven and ambitious, we believe it is essential to raise our children in an environment that is nurturing and adaptive to their needs, needs that will naturally evolve over the course of their development. Flexibility is a strength that we intend to model and instill in our children, as it enables us to love others well and make space for putting the wants and needs of others above our own.

Our Friends and Family

Friends and family in front of a wall with a mural

Small Group - We are involved in a faith-based small group with some of our closest friends in which we help encourage one another and study the Bible together.

Friends and family in front of a wall with a mural

With Ellie’s family, we like to play board games and be together for holidays as often as possible.

Nick in the kitchen

With Nick’s family, we mark special occasions with delicious homemade food.


We so appreciate you taking the time to get to know more about us through this profile book! While we cannot imagine the depth and complexity of what you are going through right now, please know that we will be praying for you.

Our commitment to you, should you choose us as your child’s adoptive family, is to love unconditionally and provide a tender, nurturing environment in which your child will thrive. We are happy to engage in your preferred level of openness in adoption, and regardless of the circumstances, we will always speak lovingly and respectfully of you to your child.

With Love,
Nick and Ellie