Luke-and Lauren

Luke & Lauren

Luke & Lauren have an important message for you.

Dear Birthmother,

We cannot pretend to understand everything you are going through right now, but we thank you for your strength and courage as you decide what is best for you and your baby.

We are Luke & Lauren, a Catholic family living in the Washington, DC area. We have two biological sons, Peter (2010) and Henry (2012), and one adopted son, Benjamin (2017). Luke is a computer system engineer working for Amazon Web Services on their cloud, and Lauren stays home with the boys & is currently homeschooling the older ones.

Life is wonderful with 3 boys, and we would love to add another family member to share new adventures with. Some people have asked if we’re adopting “to get a girl,” and the answer is no. We would love a child of either gender, and leave that entirely in God’s hands.

We are no strangers to open adoption, and are open to visits as well as phone calls, letters & photos. We truly love Benjamin’s birth Mom, and continue to send her letters and pictures. Whatever form an open adoption takes, our next child’s birthmother will always be assured of her child's well-being, and her child will always know about her and the great love that she has for him or her.

May God bless you on this journey,
Luke & Lauren