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John and Leslie

John and Leslie have an important message for you.

Our Message to You

We are John and Leslie, and we live just outside Leesburg, Virginia, on 3 acres with a vineyard and our beloved animals. We know that considering a family to adopt your child is not an easy decision, but please know that we are praying for you and wishing you the best no matter what you choose. 

We have always dreamed of raising a family together, but our journey to parenthood has been one of struggle and loss. We pray every day for God to grant us a family, and we feel that we have so much love to give a child.  Adoption is not just a Plan B for us - we talked about adoption before we started dating!

We met when we were both deployed overseas in the military (John was a test pilot in the Air Force and Leslie served in the Marine Corps).  As we like to say, "It all started with a civil war in Yemen" (it's a great story!). Although we are both civilians now, we credit the military for instilling us with the values we dream of teaching our own children - values like resilience, integrity, and dedication. We planted a vineyard in our backyard as a symbol of finally "putting down roots" and we hope someday to teach our children the value of taking care of something from the ground up (literally and figuratively!).

Leslie is now a 12th grade physics teacher at a local Catholic school and John jokes that even though he already has a full-time job as a defense contractor, he loves being Leslie's "lab assistant." Together we love cheering on Leslie's students at their Science Olympiad tournaments and sports games, and together we love writing fun themed tests, devising Murder Mystery Games for Halloween, and hosting crazy all-day Game Days at our house for the students.

We know that discerning the right path for you and your child must carry a lot of heartache, and we thank you so sincerely for bringing this new life into the world.  We are so excited to one day be parents and to share the love we have for God and for each other with a child. We are praying for you to have peace not just throughout this process but throughout your entire life, and we will be true to our promise to not only love and cherish your child unconditionally but also to honor you as well.

With great love and sincerity,
John and Leslie