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Eddie and Wendy

Eddie and Wendy have an important message for you.

Our Message to You

Hello, we’re Eddie and Wendy! We have a wonderful daughter, Linda, whom we adopted in 2020 and who fills our days with adventure and excitement. We look forward to growing our family again through adoption and hope to provide the nurturing, loving care a child needs to grow from a beautiful baby to a fully responsible adult. We are committed to having a strong and dependable family that trusts in the Lord to protect and guide us.  

Our family is grateful for all the many blessings we have received, so we always try to give back to show our gratitude. We our very active in our community, church, ministries, and other volunteer organizations. It is our goal to teach our daughter by this example and would do the same for your child too if you were to choose us to parent your child.

We live in Falls Church and are surrounded by great schools, parks, and community. Wendy works from home as a Project Coordinator and Eddie works as a Project Manager for a national HVAC company.

If you would like to get to know our family better, we would be happy to share more of our story with you.

God bless you and “may the wind be always at your back and may the sun shine warm upon you.”

Eddie and Wendy