Adoption Support, Events and Resources

For Prospective Adoptive Families

For new families interested in learning more about our adoption programs and home study process. The prospective adoptive family needs to reside within the Diocese of Arlington.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our adoption services, or attending an adoption information session, please complete an inquiry form here and a worker will be in touch with you soon.  

Open Adoption: Everything you’ve wanted to know about open adoptions training through Creating a Family.

For Birth Parents 

We host a monthly support group open to any birth mother residing within the Diocese of Arlington. Email for more information or to request additional resources and support that promote growth and healing after placement.  Check out Knee to Knee birth mother support to learn more about our support group structure.  

Check out The Holidays and Adoption for Birth Parents Blog

For Adoptive Families

Adoption is a lifelong journey- we are here to walk with you if you adopted 2 years ago or 15 years ago!  If you or your child is struggling, we are here to help.  Check out these resources below which we highly recommend for all adoptive families: 

The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family(available on Amazon here) is our most recommended book and is widely utilized for foster and adoptive families.  We also love the Created to Connect: A Christian’s guide to the Connected Child to use in conjunction with the Connected Child on your own, with a small group or with your spouse.   Download Created to Connect for free.   

Center for Adoption Education and Support (C.A.S.E.) has excellent resources and training materials.   

If you would like to request a consultation with a worker, please email  

For Adoptees

If you were adopted through Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington and need support, resources or would like to get information about your adoption record we are here to help.  For more information about how to request and access adoption records in Virginia, please download.

If you are interested in starting the process of searching for your birth family, check out Preparing for Search and Reunion

Check out our Blog for great resources for all members of the adoption triad!