Meaghan Lane, MSW

Program Director


Serving in this leadership role with Pregnancy & Adoption Support is more than a job, it’s a mission of service, one that I now see God has been preparing me for my entire life.  11+ years of child welfare experience in Virginia and my social work background  has fueled my passion for providing and promoting ethical pregnancy and adoption services.  You will rarely find me in an office as I am typically out the community building partnerships, providing education, and connecting with others whose lives have been touched by adoption or unplanned pregnancy.   I am passionate about the work that we do with individuals, families and communities and am known for ‘thinking outside the box’ with ways to best support our clients.  

Having been raised by a resilient and amazing single mother, I know the importance of pregnancy and family support in order to promote healthy children and families.  Now as a wife and mother to 3 children and 2 fur babies, I understand it on a whole other level!  Having adoption experiences in my own family, as well as years of adoption experience, has helped me to understand the beauty, sacrifice and joy that it can bring to all involved.  I am motivated to empower woman, support families and address barriers to adoption that our society currently faces.  I believe that every child is worth of life, love and family and that even from the most difficult circumstances there is potential for joy.    

Loves: Dogs, kids, art, swimming, flashlight tag, music festivals, camping, Christmas and chick-fil-a 
Dislikes: pickles, waiting in long lines, plane rides, laundry, NOVA traffic, watching sports on TV  

Email me to connect- I’d love to learn more about you and your interest in our program!  


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