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Francesca Gross

Administrative Assistant


I joined the team at Catholic Charities PAS in 2020 as their administrative assistant.  I have over 10 years of non-profit and ministry experience through different youth programs. I have been blessed by adoption as I am an adoptive mother to our son. My personal experiences of our adoption process as opened my eyes to the beauties and hardships of the process and has led me to want to help others navigate their own journey.  My role with PAS is to support the workers and families administratively. Even though I am behind the scenes I get to see families grow through adoption and women thrive in our programs who choose to parent. I am excited to serve and play a small role in supporting families in their big moment of welcoming a child into their lives. 

Loves: Coffee dates, warm weather, traveling, diners, and sharing my Catholic faith  

Dislikes: Cold weather, traffic (who doesn’t!), and folding clothes 

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