Community Education

Catholic Charities Newcomer Services - Speaker Requests

Hogar Immigrant Services offers the following presentations to community service providers, so that they can better understand the barriers immigrants face and how to best assist and make appropriate referrals. To make a speaker request, download and electronically fill out this form and email to


Title: Immigration Law 101

Intended Audience: Groups or Faith Communities that work with immigrants

Estimated Time: 45 min or 90 min

Presented by: Hogar Immigrant Services - Legal

Presentation available in: English

Description: US Immigration Law can be very confusing! There are many misunderstandings about whether and how individuals can apply for lawful status in the US. This presentation covers the basic categories of immigration status, the family-based immigration process, refugee and asylee processes, humanitarian-based types of status, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and how individuals become citizens through naturalization. Bring your questions and curiosities and speak with an immigration expert to learn more about this complex issue. 


Title: Know Your Rights

Intended Audience: Immigrants or communities working with immigrants of various status

Estimated Time: 60 to 90 mins

Presented by: Hogar Immigrant Services - Legal

Presentation available in: English, Spanish

Description: ICE Raids, mistaken deportations, mixed status families. The current events of today bring up many questions for immigrants if they encounter law enforcement and immigration authorities. This presentation is intended to assist immigrants of various statuses to know their rights and plan for unexpected emergencies.


Title: Citizenship and Naturalization

Intended Audience: Lawful permanent residents (“green card” holders) looking to become U.S. citizens or individuals assisting immigrants with naturalization

Estimated Time: 60 mins

Presented by: Hogar Immigrant Services - Legal

Presentation available in: English

Description: Are you a lawful permanent resident who is interested in becoming a US Citizen? Come and learn about the process and see if you might qualify to apply for citizenship. Learn about local citizenship classes as well as upcoming naturalization workshops. Find out why you should become a US Citizen and the rights and responsibilities that come with citizenship status.


Title: Refugee 101

Intended Audience: Faith communities or groups interested in refugee issues

Estimated Time: 60 min

Presented by: Migration and Refugee Services

Presentation available in: English

Description: Have you ever wondered how refugees end up in the United States (or other countries)? What qualifies as a “refugee”? This presentation reviews the international refugee process through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and how refugees transition to other countries for resettlement. You’ll also learn the difference between refugees and asylees and how the US government supports these individuals to gain self-sufficiency. Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services has been helping individuals resettle in Northern Virginia for over 30 years. Come learn about the amazing stories of survival and perseverance that refugees have lived and the contributions they have made to our community.


Title: Opportunities to Serve Newcomers

Intended Audience: Faith Communities interested in service opportunities

Estimated Time: 60 min

Presented by: Newcomer Services Volunteer Coordinator

Presentation available in: English

Description: Are you interested in learning how to welcome your neighbor? Come and learn about how Catholic Charities serves our community and how you can get involved! You will hear about Hogar Immigrant Services - Education, Hogar Immigrant Services - Legal and Migration and Refugee Services and the opportunities to volunteer or support each area. From teaching English to driving clients to appointments, there’s a variety of ways that each program can use your help! Find out the requirements to volunteer and how you can make a difference wherever you live in Northern Virginia.