Christ House

Men's Housing (Christ House)

Christ House offers transitional housing to homeless men. Its recently renovated facilities afford a safe, clean, and welcoming environment to single men reclaiming their self-sufficiency and independence.

The Christ House Transitional Housing program addresses the need for shelter, workforce development and life skills training for homeless men in our Diocese. Christ House provides intensive case management, workforce development and job coaching to increase clients’ prospects of long-term financial independence and sustained housing success.

Having identified job security and income limitations as significant barriers to permanent housing, Christ House focuses on workforce development by connecting its residents with vocations that match both their interests and skill sets and providing intensive case management, psychological counseling and job coaching.

The Transitional Housing program accommodates 14 homeless men.  Rooms are shared with two men per room.  Bathrooms and living spaces are also communal.  Upon admittance clients work with case managers to create a personal action plan.  Each week, clients participate in at least one hour of intensive case management until they exit to independent housing. Clients also receive financial literacy training and resume, job search, interviewing and professional development coaching. 

The program also offers weekly psychological counseling (both individual and group therapy) and life skills training to support the long-term personal resilience and financial independence of clients. By advancing clients through these program components Christ House seeks to move its residents to financial self-sufficiency and independent housing and prevent their return to homelessness.

As a program of Catholic Charities, Christ House also encourages residents to pursue personal spiritual renewal with opportunities for individual and group discussion, reflection and daily prayer.

Eligibility for Christ House is limited to homeless men who are willing and able to work. Applicants are generally referred by local homeless shelters, service agencies or addiction centers. Acceptance is contingent upon the results of a psychological assessment and interviews with program staff. Applicants must also agree to a criminal background check. Clients with substance abuse histories must show evidence of 60 days sobriety and agree to continued attendance of AA or NA meetings (or equivalent) to maintain their sobriety.

Clients agree to abide by the rules of the program, including prohibition of alcohol and illegal drugs, observation of a 9 p.m. curfew and daily completion of household chores. Staff are available to assist clients 24/7 with the majority of case management occurring between 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday - Friday. The group sessions are offered during evening hours 4 days/week.

Please contact Christ House at for an application packet.