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Education, Job Prep and Training

Job Assistance Program

Assisting those in search of meaningful employment or considering a career change with the help of volunteer career mentors, training and presentations, and job fairs. This free program strives to enliven Catholic social justice in ways that strengthen individuals, families and communities.

Job Seekers

Are you searching for a job and interested in gaining valuable knowledge and tips from an experienced mentor? Has your employment been impacted by the pandemic? Would you like help to know where to look for a new job?

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Arlington Education and Workforce Development is now offering a free Job Assistance Program. Through our Job Assistance Program, you will receive help and resources as you search for a job (or a new job). Help may include: information on employers who are hiring, job fairs, connecting with your local career center, resume review and an email newsletter with employment tips. If needed, you may also be matched one-on-one with a mentor who can help you by evaluating your individual needs for employment. 

Please email for information and assistance.

    See FLYER for more information


    Are you searching for qualified and hardworking employees? 

    Catholic Charities’ job assistance program is filled with amazing candidates spanning numerous fields who could be perfect for your company or organization. 

    Reach out to for more information about recruiting from our Job Assistance program. Feel free to send links to openings or job descriptions to this email so that we can promote your needs in our employment newsletter.

    Volunteer Job Mentors

    Are you interested in helping driven, determined job-seekers in their job search? 

    Visit the volunteer webpage to learn more about the Job Mentor volunteer opportunity! To apply, click the blue “Sign up” button, followed by the green “Apply to become a volunteer” button. Once you submit the volunteer application, our Volunteer Manager will reach out to you directly with more information about the opportunity! 

    Email with any questions about the opportunity.