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Catholic Charities Program Locations

Catholic Charities offers more than 20 programs at various locations throughout the Diocese of Arlington. Learn where we're located and what programs we provide.

Christ House painting by Jose Guillermo Rodriguez Camipuzallo

Responding to the changing needs of those within the Diocese

Catholic Charities responds to the changing needs of the many communities within the Diocese by offering numerous programs at multiple locations.

In addition to the programs and services highlighted below for our Arlington, Fredericksburg, Leesburg, and Manassas locations, we also provide services at these additional locations.

Catholic Charities is the face of Christ, the compassion of Christ, the healing of Christ, being made visible to people in need, people of all faiths, anyone who is in need.
- Bishop Michael Burbidge

An Open Invitation to Visit our Locations

We at Catholic Charities were gratified to hear our Bishop say these words. He added that Catholic Charities is the “charitable arm of the ministry of the bishop so essentially linked to me, my ministry, thus essentially linked to the Diocese.”  Our mission, 365 days a year, is to serve the poor and vulnerable in our diocese. We also are called to help parishes serve the poor in your parishes. We invite you to visit us to learn more!

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