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Pregnancy and Adoption

Since 1947, Pregnancy and Adoption Support has provided service to the communities within the Diocese. Whether you are pregnant and looking for options for you and your baby, a couple wanting to adopt, or a family needing post adoption services, Catholic Charities is here for you.

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I'm Pregnant

If you are pregnant and weren’t planning to be, we can help.

At a time like this it’s easy to feel alone, confused and overwhelmed. Feelings of fear, panic and anxiety are normal. There is so much to think about and so many things to figure out. You have choices and we would like to help you make a good plan for you and your baby. Our counselors here at Catholic Charities will walk beside you on this journey. We can help you explore all your options and offer assistance with housing and medical expenses.

Don’t spend another day figuring this out alone. Call us at (703) 425-0100.

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If you are pregnant and would like to get more information about making an adoption plan for your child, please call or text our 24/7 on call line 703-973-0129 to speak with an adoption counselor.

If you are in need of items for your baby, please call (703) 425-0100 to schedule an appointment for any Thursday, between 10:00 and 11:30 a.m., for our baby closet.


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Adopt a Child 

Deciding to adopt is the first big step. Figuring out where to go from there can feel overwhelming. Whether you are planning to adopt an infant from the United States or want to explore your options around the world, we can help you figure it out.

The Pregnancy and Adoption Support services of Catholic Charities is here for you. Since 1947, we have been active in the adoption community. We are a licensed child-placing agency with an experienced, professional staff that values you and your needs. Our fees are all inclusive. Our services are for a life-time.

In addition to our agency program we can provide services to those seeking, international, interstate, parental placement (private) or special needs adoptions. Attending our information meeting can provide you with detailed information on all of your options.

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