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Adoptive Family Profiles

Monika and Mike

Monika and Mike have an important message for you.

Our Message to You

Hello, we are Mike, Monika, and Gabriela, and we are waiting to meet that special child that God has in mind for us. We have been happily married for about ten years and have been blessed with Gabriela for seven years. We live in a wonderful neighborhood in Arlington with parks, pools and lots of children, and have family and many friends nearby who frequently come to visit. Monika works from home and Mike works nearby in Virginia.

We are both active and enjoy tennis and cycling, gardening and visiting our extended family including our four nephews and two nieces. Gabriela is happy and energetic, likes visiting the many nearby playgrounds and riding her bike or swimming in our neighborhood pool. We have enjoyed staying in touch with her birth mother and sharing special life events with her. Gabriela is very excited to be a big sister and we know she will make a great one when the time comes!

We are fortunate to have great role models as both our parents have been married over 45 years; they are also looking forward to welcoming another special grandchild. We were both brought up to believe strongly in education, experiencing the world through travel and understanding other cultures, and will raise our children with those values in mind. We admire and respect the decision that you are pursuing, and hope to have an opportunity to get to know you and tell you more about ourselves, our family, and the home that we have to offer.