Family Services
200 N Glebe Road, Suite 250 Arlington, VA 22203
703-425-0109; Fax 703- 841-2752
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What we do:
Catholic Charities’ Family Services provides therapy services to individuals who are interested in outpatient mental health services and who are not in immediate danger of harm to self or others. We often receive requests for services that we do not provide.

What we do not do:

Catholic Charities’ Family Services is not:
• an inpatient mental health facility
• a day treatment center
• a drug treatment center.

Catholic Charities’ Family Services is not equipped to provide services for:
• individuals experiencing active psychosis
• individuals currently experiencing or perpetrating domestic violence
• individuals who need to detox
• individuals who are court ordered to anger management therapy.

Catholic Charities’ Family Services does not provide:
• forensic evaluation services
• custody evaluation services.

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