Katie Walker


December 12, 2012 - Thanks to the generosity of the pastors and parishes, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington announced today that the Fall Harvest Food Drive raised 40,295 pounds of food and $13,000 in monetary donations and gift certificates.
“This generous support from the parishes of the diocese far exceeds our expectations for the first Fall Harvest food drive,” said Art Bennett, president and CEO of Catholic Charities. “As the lines outside our food pantries get longer every day, we are humbled by the partnership of the parishes in confronting food insecurity in Northern Virginia and especially in the more rural parts of the diocese.”
Arlington Diocese Bishop Paul S. Loverde has directed Catholic Charities to pay special attention to the growing poverty and hunger in the more rural areas of the diocese.  In Page County and the surrounding areas food insecurity can climb as high as 16 percent. As economy continues to weaken Catholic Charities food programs have experienced a higher strain than usual.
To confront the growing problem of hunger, Catholic Charities opened a new Front Royal, Virginia pantry called “Loaves and Fishes.” In the month of November the pantry served 1,700 people. The new pantry joins existing Catholic Charities pantries in Alexandria and Leesburg. The agency also employs a “mobile” food program called Christ House on Wheels (CHOW) that delivers food to partnering pantries in the more remote areas of the 21 counties and seven independent cities that make up the Diocese of Arlington.
The Fall Harvest food drive is a result of a collaboration between Catholic Charities and a commission of representatives from every parish called the Catholic Charities Parish Liaison Network. Twenty-eight diocese parishes choose to participate in the push during the months of October and November.

Founded in 1947, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington is a non-profit social service agency that serves twenty-one counties and seven independent cities in Virginia. Catholic Charities helps those in need regardless of their race or creed. For more information or press inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 703.841.3833

Total Food: 40,295 pounds
Total Gifts (monetary and gift cards): 14,127

All Saints  4,129 lbs.
St. Ambrose  570 lbs.
St. Bernadette   1,000 lbs.
St. Catherine of Siena  740 lbs.
+ $300 gift cards.
Church of the Nativity  539 lbs.
Fort Belvoir Catholic Community  300 lbs.
St. Francis de Sales (Purcellville) 6,047 lbs. + $300 check.
Holy Spirit  1,355 lbs.
Holy Trinity 1,332 lbs.
St. James  1,253 lbs.    
St. John the Apostle $750.00 in gift cards.
St. John the Beloved  1,580 lbs.
St. Louis 721 lbs. + $32.00 check.
The Women of St. Rose of Lima Guild of (St. Louis): $25 check, $45.00 gift cards.
St. Luke  981 lbs. + $100 gift card.
St. Mark  1,205 lbs.
St. Mary (Alexandria) 8,295 lbs. $135.00 gift cards, $10,540 cash/checks.
St. Mary of Sorrows  624 lb. $500 cash,
+ $250 gift cards.
St. Peter 1,226 lbs. + $250 gift cards, $500
St. Joseph  938 lbs.
Our Lady of Hope  408 lbs.
Our Lady of Lourdes 555 lbs.
Our Lady of the Blue Ridge 800+ lbs.
St. Raymond of Peñaforte  928 lbs.
St. Rita 1,254 lbs.
St. Theresa  2,779 lbs. + $1,150 check.
St. Thomas More 736 lbs.