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April 2004 
In this issue...

1.    Newsflash:  Three Cheers for Volunteers! 
2.    Volunteer Spotlight: Teacher Oscar Torres-Luqui Speaks Out on Workers' Rights
3.    Did you know?  Christine joins the Hogar ESL Staff! 
4.    Upcoming ESL Teacher Trainings
5.    Tip O' the Month:  Jazz up your classes with Music
6.    Tell Your Students: Housing Workshop and Tax-Time Lessons
7.    Hot Links: Songs, Games, and Origins of English Phrases
8.    Volunteer and Job Opportunities
9.    Upcoming Events
10.  Hogar Wish List
11.  Pre-Order a Hogar T-Shirt


Dear Volunteers,
Each year, Hogar Hispano ESL volunteers give over 24,000 hours of service to help more than 2,000 immigrant adults in Northern Virginia.  Although most are not professional teachers, they bring to the program great gifts of generosity, determination, a desire and willingness to learn, a strong sense of committment, and above all a personal dedication to their students.
In celebration of Volunteer Month, we want to salute you, the volunteers for all that you do.  In particular we want to thank those volunteers who have been with us for the long haul!  Barbara Galicia has been teaching at St. Charles in Arlington for over 10 years now!  She mentors new teachers, lets them observe her class when they first start volunteering, and shares lesson supplements with other teachers.  Many of St. Charles' experienced teachers started out by co-teaching with Barbara.  Over the years, Barbara has juggled family and work to make it to class every Sunday.  Thank you, Barbara!
Barbara is just one of the many wonderful volunteers who put forth the tremendous effort to make a difference in the lives of many.  Our ESL students are learning how to use survival English relevant to their daily lives, becoming familiar with U.S. culture and civics, and learning about available social and community services.  These skills are helping them to converse with their neighbors, doctors, their children's teachers, and employers.  They are improving their employment opportunities and becoming less isolated and dependent on others.  Just as importantly, many for the first time ever, are making friends with someone outside their ethnic community: their ESL teacher.
Thank you for being that friend.

Sally O'Dwyer
ESL Coordinator, Hogar Hispano
Volunteer Spotlight: Teacher Oscar Torres-Luqui Speaks Out on Workers' Rights
ESL teachers often have hidden talents that can be shared with their students and fellow teachers.  We recently discovered that Oscar Torres-Luqui, a Hogar ESL volunteer, is one such person.  On March 10, he conducted a workshop for ESL students called "The Rights of the Worker."  About 30 ESL students and their teachers gathered at Holy Family Parish in Dale City to participate in the workshop.  Students found out about their rights on the job, what to do if they get hurt at work, and laws about receiving workmen's compensation.  Thank you, Oscar! 
Do you have any hidden talents to share?  Consider hosting a workshop for your students.  Or, call Hogar Hispano!  Our anti-discrimination outreach team can talk to your students about workers' rights, or our Naturalization Coordinator can discuss the process of becoming an American citizen.  We can also facilitate presentations on Housing and Financing.  Just give us a call!  703-534-9805, x.222 or gcallahan@ccda.net

Did you know?   Christine Joins the Hogar ESL Team! 
This month Hogar welcomes Christine Roach to our staff.  Christine is studying to get her master's in Education at Marymount University, with licensing in English as a Second Language.  In a previous life, she worked for Iona Senior Services coordinating transportation volunteers for seniors.  In her spare time, she can be found walking her dog Fido.
Thanks to a grant from the Virginia Department of Education, Christine will be implementing an English Literacy/Civics program which will incorporate web-based lessons into the Speak Out curriculum, for use at Hogar's computer lab.  If you have questions or ideas to suggest for this new program, give Christine a call at 703-534-9805, x238 or write her a note at croach@ccda.net 

ESL Teacher Training and Education Opportunities 
***Hogar (Mini) Boot Camp*** Saturday, May 22, 10-12 noon
For Hogar teachers who have not taken basic ESL training, especially for those who plan on teaching over the summer.  This abbreviated workshop will go over basics of teaching adult ESL, lesson planning, and ideas for getting students talking (in English!)  Join us at Good Sheperd Catholic Church, 8710 Mt. Vernon Hwy., Alexandria.  Look for us in Room # 1.  Space is limited so RSVP to gcallahan@ccda.net or 703-534-9805, ext. 239.
Supporting Non-Native Speakers' Reading Development:  April 17, 9:30-11:30am
Free ESOL Saturday Training Series by Fairfax County, held at Marshall High School in Falls Church.  RSVP to 703-714-5560.
Two's Company, Three's a Group: Great Ideas to Keep Your Students Talking!  May 15, 9:30-11:30am
Free ESOL Saturday Training Series by Fairfax County, held at Marshall High School in Falls Church.  RSVP to 703-714-5560.
ESOL Instructor Training Course: Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30-9:30 pm, April 27 - June 24, 2004 
This hands-on, highly interactive course offered by Fairfax County is well worth the $267 fee.  Experienced ESOL instructors will share practical activities and strategies to  use in the adult ESOL classroom.  Learn about lesson planning, multi-level lessons, using a text effectively, adult learning theory, and much more!  Particpants will get to practice activities, observe ESOL classrooms, and develop their own lesson plans.  To register, contact Carol Doyle at 703-714-5560.  Classes will be held in Herndon.

American University TESOL Program
Spring Conference: April 17, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm, Registration $15
Summer Institute: May 10 - August 12.  Attend two sessions of seven-week courses, or three-day intensive workshops.
For more information, go to
www.american.edu/tesol or call 202-885-2582
Are you an American University TESOL alum?  Want to re-connect, learn about job opportunities, news and events?  Contact tesol@american.edu, go to www.american.edu/tesol or call 202-885-2582.

VA - ELI (The Virginia English Language Institute - formerly known as VAILL): Pathways to Literacies
July 28-30, 2004 at Marymount University in Arlington
Keep an eye out for more information as we get closer to the date.  Hear Hogar's own attorney Megan Mack speak on immigration law, and then get some new teaching ideas from the Hogar's ESL team at this fun and useful conference.  For more information, contact Mary Ray at 703-714-5560.
Upcoming Events
Walk For Life to Benefit Children's Services: May 2 and 29
The 21st Annual Walk for Life will raise funds for Catholic Charities' Children's Services program, which provides foster care, adoption, and crisis pregnancy assistance.  This year's walk will take place on May 2 at three locations: Fort Hunt Park in Alexandria, Paul VI High School in Fairfax, and Broad Run High School in Ashburn.  Call 703-425-0100 for more information or visit http://www.ccda.net/ (click on Special Events to register.)  The Catholic Charities Fredericksburg Office will hold a Walk for Life on May 29 -- call 540-371-1124 for more information.

Hispanic Consumer Protection Law Enforcement Workshop: Thursday, May 13th, 2004 from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Participants will discuss the nature and extent of consumer fraud in the Hispanic community, as well as current law enforcement responses to fraudulent and deceptive practices in the Latino and Spanish-speaking community. Afternoon breakout sessions will address techniques and strategies for mobilizing law enforcement resources and new alternatives for addressing fraudulent practices in the Spanish-speaking community. Participants will include local, state, and federal government officials, law enforcement, consumer law advocates, and legal practitioners.  For questions about the Hispanic Consumer Protection Law Enforcement Workshop, please contact Laura Koss: (202) 326-2890, lkoss@ftc.gov 

Tip O' the Month:   Jazz up your classes with Music
At Hogar's Ice Cream Social, we learned from Leslie Buckely about using music in the classroom.  She taught us a few catchy songs to help reinforce vocabulary.  To start your own rhythms, click here for  Intermediate Song (Time Words)     or      Beginner Song (Time Adverbs).  In addition, try playing a song in English with your class (see "Hot Links" below for some examples).  Then click here to use the Song Chart worksheet to get students talking about what they heard in the song.  Remember, you may have to play the song multiple times and pre-teach difficult vocabulary.

Tell Your Students: 
Seminario de Vivienda - Housing Workshop
Sunday, April 18, 2:30 - 3:30 pm
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
3304 N. Washington Blvd., Arlington
(Look for us in the school cafeteria, entrance by the parking lot)
This free, interactive workshop was specially designed for the immigrant community.  Led by Mr. Dario Ortiz, the workshop will help answer students' questions about home ownership, financing, and credit ratings.  Mr. Ortiz presented at Hogar's classes in Falls Church earlier this year, and both staff and students gave him rave reviews.  Please let your students know about this event.  (Please note: The workshop will be presented in Spanish.)  Contact Ginny for more information 703-534-9805, x.239 or gcallahan@ccda.net
Tax-Time Lessons
As April 15 is fast-approaching, this is a good time to go over the tax lesson on page 122 of the Speak Out book used in beginner classes.  If you don't use Speak Out, here are some things you might want to cover in your class:

Hot Links: Songs, Games, and the Origins of English Phrases
Songs to Use in your ESL class: 
It's Spring!  Time to burst into song!  ESL-Lounge.com has your ticket to musical success - just click on the links below for some catchy tunes to jazz up your ESL classes.
I Can Sing a Rainbow   Use this one to practice colors.
Ain't No Mountain High Enough  I've heard students belting this song out in the halls of Hogar....
Where Do The Children Play  A great conversation-starter.
The Ugly Duckling  Fun for the whole family.
Logical Song (Supertramp)  This song has lots of fun adjectives.
Down in the Valley   This song is slow enough for beginners, with lots of repetition for reinforcement.
She (Elvis Costello)  This link includes both lyrics and a fill-in-the-blank exercise.
ESL Lessons, Games, and Songs: http://eslgames.com/edutainment -- Look Under "Songs"
How to incorporate music, songs, and games into the classroom 
The English Phrase Finder contains the meanings and origins of over 2,000 English phrases and sayings.  Browse their A-Z index or use the search engine. 
Go to: http://phrases.shu.ac.uk/meanings.

Volunteer and Job Opportunities

Adult ESL Teachers -- Spring and Summer
Training provided, no experience or second language required.  Commitment of 3 hours/week.  We have the following needs:
SPRING: Need teachers weekdays in Arlington/Falls Church
SUMMER: Need teachers weekdays, weeknights, weekends in Falls Church.
Please fill out the online application by clicking here.  If you're already a teacher with us, just contact Ginny at gcallahan@ccda.net.

Help Others to Become U.S. Citizens
Volunteers needed to help fill out U.S. Naturalization applications at this Citizenship Workshop.  May 8, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.  Held at Arlington Mill Community Center, 4975 Columbia Pike, Arlington.  Contact Esmael Husseini at 703-534-9805, ext. 237 or
ehusseini@ccda.net.  Workshops held every 6-8 weeks, so if you can't make it to this one, mark your calendar for the June 26th workshop.
International education association in Old Town Alexandria seeks education professional with min. 6 years supervisory/management experience in content development and marketing of English language teaching (ESL/EFL) programs.  Emphasis on distance learning and online program development.  Advanced degree in TESOL, English; excellent computer, budget, oral/written and interpersonal skills with global members.  Experience working with membership association and committees very helpful.  Salary low to mid 70's.  Submit resume and salary requirement to: TESOL; 700 S. Washington Street, Ste. 200, Alexandria, VA 22314 or email to: resume@tesol.org or fax: 703-836-7864.
Fairfax County Schools Family Literacy Program Lead Teacher (Part-Time)  Falls Church High School
The office of Adult and Community Education is recruiting a lead teacher for the Family Literacy program located in the adult ESOL office at Falls Church High School.  Applicants must possess a valid Virginia teacher license or be eligible for licensure. Responsibilities include coordinating the Family Literacy program, hiring, mentoring, and supervising instructors; explaining, collecting, and overseeing paperwork and curriculum; and working closely with parents and children participating in the program as well as other adult education personnel.  Interested applicants should e-mail a resume to david.red@fcps.edu
Job Openings at Catholic Charities            
Catholic Charities has job openings for the following positions.  More details are available at http://www.ccda.net/
Hogar Wish List
* Gently used cart to be used for moving teaching and audio/visual equipment.
* Laptops in workable condition.
Contact Ginny at gcallahan@ccda.net if you have an item to donate.
Pre-Order a Hogar Hispano T-Shirt
You may have noticed the snazzy, stylish Hogar T-shirts sported by Sally and the ESL staff.  Now is your chance to have your own!  The T-Shirt will say "Hogar Hispano: Serving the Immigrant Community."   Cost: $8.  Send an email to gcallahan@ccda.net (please note name, T-shirt size, and quantity needed) or call 703-534-9805, x239 to place your order.   

Hogar Hispano is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to immigrants of all nationalities and religions.  As part of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington, Hogar Hispano helps newcomers achieve self-sufficiency and successfully integrate into American society by offering a wide range of services at little or no cost.  Hogar Hispano offers English as a Second Language classses, legal counseling and representation, naturalization assistance, and social services.

Let us know your thoughts!

Sally O'Dwyer, ESL Coordinator

Ginny Callahan, Assoc. ESL Coordinator
Christine Roach, English Literacy / Civics Grant Manager

Leslie Buckley, AGAPE Job Hotline Developer and ESL Trainer

Hogar Hispano
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Falls Church, Va. 22044
Ph. 703-534-9805, ext. 222
Fax 703-534-9809

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